Digital highlights

  • Student’s Digital Material: a code in the Student’s Book provides access to digital material for revision, consolidation and extension, including an interactive gradebook.
  • Student’s Resource Centre: contains digital material and downloadable audio files from the Workbook.
  • Macmillan Student’s Secondary Website: additional online practice resources for Secondary students at
  • Multimedia pages: found in every revision unit, featuring cultural awareness videos with quizzes and digital competence tasks.
  • Teacher’s Presentation Kit: a digital version of the Student’s Book and core Workbook material, with interactive activities, integrated audio, and a full range of IWB tools for classroom presentation with access to the interactive Gradebook in the Student’s Digital Materials.
  • Teacher’s Resource Centre: includes editable versions of all worksheets from the Teacher’s Resource File, downloadable audio files and links to Culture Watch Website.
  • CEFR Skills Exam Generator: the ultimate evaluation tool, empowering teachers to generate skills-based tests corresponding to CEFR levels A1+ to B1+.